Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bet #02

Another half timer, in the Czech league. 5th play 13th, so bring on the goal(s).

£13.64 @ 2/7
Potential returns: £17.54
Result: Won (much more comfortable than bet 1 as this was 3 mins into second half :-))

Friday, April 15, 2016

Bet #01 - second attempt

Starting again.  Looking for value in the Peru leagues, and Deportivo Municipal v Comerciates Unidos meets my needs.  Goals for these come late, so I've held on until HT to get better odds. Fingers crossed...

£10.00 @ 4/11
Potential returns: £13.64
Result: Won (they left it late 85 mins)

Bet #07 ...and out!

Spoke too soon. This one unlike the others between teams fighting it out at the bottom, was teams in first and second in French league. Darn.

£13.62 @ 1/6
Potential returns: £15.89
Result: Lost

Bet #06

Putting £10 aside for a second chance, and the remainder is going back on. May put aside more at £30 if I get there.

£11.35 @ 1/5 on German game
Potential returns: £13.62
Result: Won

Bet #05

German League 2... MSV Duisburg v 1860 Munich for at least a goal.

£18.68 @ 1/7
Potential returns: £21.35
Result: Won

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bet #04

There's not been a 0-0 for either of these teams this year, so I'm hoping that continues.  Cambridge City v Chippenham Town.

£16.34 @ 1/7
Potential returns: £18.68
Result: Won

Bet #03

Wanted to get one more on before the Europa cup kicked off.  One in the Brazil state leagues looked good value, and caught my eye.

£14.29 @ 1/7
Potential returns: £16.33
Result: Won (literally just pressed update)