Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Wonga

Good results for the Incremental tonight as I've been playing the 'Lay the draw' game.

England v Hungary was 0-0 at half time so at about 55 minutes I layed the draw, backing it once goals went in.

Profit +£7.60

I then couldn't see any goals coming in extra time of the Torquay v Reading game, so opted for under 1.5 goals.  There was one, in the 120+0.25 minute!  My £8 profit (less commission, whoops) from the England game went on this.

Profit: +£4.41

Current Pot: +£34.36

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rot Stopped?

I'm not going to bore anyone with the details of my 5 loss run (cos it's embarrassing to say the least), but hopefully it's stopped - with Pompey winning away at Stevenage in todays wager.

Time to put the 'clever hat' on and re-build the empire...

Current Pot: +£22.35

Monday, August 2, 2010

Got to be increasing...

Some more randoms over the weekend.  I just missed out on whacking some on +2.5 goals in the Toon v PSV game (it wasn't in-play).  Anyhow, at 8 minutes in the markets were all suspended so alas, no bet could be placed.  It ended 2-2.

I then decided to put on the AC Milan v Lyon game +2.5 goals.  It wasn't - ending all square 1-1.

Completely randomly I then put on the Russian Heavyweight Tomsk v Siber - which won me my lost dosh coming in at 3-2.

Current Pot: +£33.97

*I now also have some laid bets on St. Johnston v Bolton.  At 0 risk, I stand to earn £2.10 if it's less than 1.5 goals, and 20p, if it's over 2.5

** Typical - 2-0 to the away team.  Incremental profit: 0.00

Friday, July 30, 2010

29.07 - Fourfold comes home!

It was very pleasing to see my four-fold accumulator come off last night.  The Syndicate had some fortune in the early Europa League fixtures last year, and again it's worked out alright.

Some of the games were close, but a 3-1 home win for Dynamo, and then 3-2, 2-0 and 1-0 away wins for Stuttgart, Juve and Sporting brought home the bacon.

Current Pot: +£33.94

Think I'm going to have a few days off before betting again, as I can feel my 'luck' is due a sharp downwards turn...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

28.07 - Celtic

No, don't be silly - I didn;t bet on Celtic to win away at Sporting Braga - I might be mental, but I'm not silly!  My money was on +2.5 goals, and sure enough it was: 3-0 to Braga on the night.  I got this one at 2.46 bringing home £2.94 profit.

Current Balance: +£24.09

Todays crazy bet is a footy multiple - backing Dynamo Bucharest to win at home, and Sporting Lisbon, Juve and Stuttgart all to win away in the Europa League qualifiers.

£2.40 goes on this @ 5.32...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

27.07 - Essex

Todays tip is to put some wonga on Essex to beat Lancashire in the Friends Provident T20 Quarter Final.

£2.18 goes on @ 1.82

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another up and down week...

As the title suggests it's been a bit of a topsy turvey time since Fridays nice win took me up to +£2.26

The coin toss let me down, with Barney hammering James Wade (a good win for the D20 might I add).  I've then had some losses and wins, the last one being Nottinghamshire to beat Sussex when the odds were good.  They scored low, odds lengthened, bet placed, and did enough to overcome Sussex.  :)

Current pot: +£21.80

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tossing a coin

I have no idea what to put on today.  Having watched Taylor annihilate Kevin Painter yesterday I think he's going to win the World Matchplay, so will steer clear of his semi-final v Simon Whitlock.

With my attention now turned to Wade v Barney, and the odds of the two so close, I'm tossing a coin... Heads for Wade, Tails for Barney.  Here goes...

...Heads it is.  £2.23 goes on Wade @ 2.06

I'm off out for a free pint now (betting against mates is fun too!) so don't really care on the outcome of this one :)  Happy Drinking Everyone!

Friday, July 23, 2010


What a good day today.  The D20 tip of Molinari to win in a 3-way on the golf was a corker.  Two shots down at one point, he came back to finish on 1 under, while his competitors Fasth (+3) and Fowler (+4) were miles behind.

Current Balance: +£22.26

On a separate note, Mr. B also won the 4th series of tennis against Mr. C in a thrilling 4th set (7-5). This ties the number of championships won to 2-2.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Powering on...

Another good night for The Incremental, but more importantly it's nice to see the D20 stop the rot with a nice 5/4 win!

Tonights bet was on Phil Taylor to beat Steve Beaton with a handicap of -7.5

Did it come off?  You bet it did, as The Power creamed his opponent 13-4 - one legs more than required.  £2.00 at odds of 1.86 returned a nice £1.63

Slowly but surely, this pot is creeping up...

Current Balance: +£19.37

Up again

Wednesday saw a 92p rise, with bets on the Vandervoort v Wade encounter.  I hate not having Sky for the sports, so was playing blind - this helped me make the decision to hedge (thus only low profits).

The odds weren't great to start with, so even without laying there would only have been maybe £2-2.50 profit.  Anyhow, bets were under 10.5 180's and Vandervoort +4.5 legs.

Current pot: +£17.74

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Every Little Helps

Mr. C, back in business over at the Daily 20, has today gone for Phil 'The Power' Taylor to beat Barrie Bates by more than 6.5 legs - getting good odds of 8/11.

I decided to go for leg betting, and stuck £2.00 on The Power to win leg 1.  I should have only got 1.23, but amazingly got 1.61.  Anyhow, he did it, and boosts my pot up a little to £16.82

I've also then went and stuck £2.00 on local hero, Paul Nicholson to beat Steve Beaton -2.5 legs... Probably going to be a silly bet, but what the hey...

Current Balance: £14.82
In Play: £2.00 @ 2.10

* I actually laid the Nicholson bet, which meant 0 risk.  Just as well as he got hammered 10-3!

Current Balance: £16.82

Monday, July 19, 2010

Surviving... Just!

It's been a mixed bag over the last week or so.

Lost on Germany v Spain (+2.5 goals), won on Germany to beat Uruguay, lost on Holland v Spain (+2.5 goals), won on Goosen (day 2 v Mickelson & Monty), lost on McIlroy (day 2, 71 or under), and won on Carlisle v Toon (+2.5 goals).

Altogether, that leaves me nursing £15.66 in the Incremental coffers.  Who knows what this week holds...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Orange Army

Correction from last post:  Betfair took 20p even though I didn't lose (but didn't win either).  +£13.80 balance.

Tonight's wager was on Uruguay v Holland to have more than 2.5 goals - and boy did it!  Unfortunately I only had £2.00 on it at 2.56, which returned £2.96.

Total Pot: +£16.76

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coin Toss Again!

After Muzzas 8-13 defeat against big serving Sam Querrey, i've opted for some in-play coin toss today picking Paraguay to pip Japan in the penalty shoot out.

Woohoo!  Paraguay take it home 5-3.

So onto the next one, and this time I'm putting on £3.73 @ 2.5 on there being +2.5 goals in the Spain v Portugal encounter later today.  As tempting as it was to put on David Villa to score at 2.42, I've opted for the goals.  Spain haven't yet set the World Cup alight, and except for Portugal's 7 goal thrashing of North Korea,a they've played out two dour 0-0's.

This leaves me with £14.00 in the account... hopefully will be up over £20 when I get in tonight.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back again!

Those silly chaps at Betfair sent me an e-mail on Friday letting me have a £5 no-lose bet, offering to refund me if it didn't win.  After almost 2 months off the gambling, I thought "why not" so logged in to put in a tenner.  If I didn't win, I'd be swiftly taking the dosh back out, no harm done.

Much to my surprise however, Betfair had given me $10 in May - for what, I have no idea.  This left £6.82 in my account.

I put my fiver no-risk bet on +2.5 goals in the Germany v England encounter, and returned about £8.something, taking me up to £14.99 - cashing in a tenner straight away!

The remaining £4.99 went on the Argies v Mexico for +3.5 goals, again coming off leaving me with a healthy £18.97

And so once again The Incremental resumes!

Todays sillieness is on the Mens event at Wimbledon, where Britains No. 1 Andy Muzza takes on Incremental fave, Sam Querrey.  The odds on the match is rubbish, however I'm taking Muzza to edge ahead on the Aces count.

£2.00 goes on this @ 1.91

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Walking Away... for the time being!

The football season has come to a close, and with that, so has the incremental.  I had a bit of a bad week, losing 3 on the trot, and with one match in-play, and not looking good, I cashed in.

Banked : £51.99

Incidentally, the last match actually came off (4 goals in the last 25 minutes) bringing me £8.74 left in the account.

That was all whacked on +2.5 goals in the Blackpool v Forest playoff, bringing back £20.04

Rather than cashing that in, I went full hog on the Sunlun game.  I toyed with the idea of putting on Bent to score at 2.28, but settled on a mackem win @ 3.4

Unfortunately, it didn't come off, but at least I can laugh at the mackems!

No doubt I will re-start this again, but for now, I'm happy to take home the bacon.

Thanks for reading!  Ralph out.

Friday, April 30, 2010

I got 99 pennies, but a loss ain't one...

Well , it was a varied month in the end, where at one point I was up to just over £70, and then went on a shit losing streak taking me down to just under £40!  Thankfully a strong last couple of days helped keep me in the profit making area - albeit really small!

Total Bets
:  21

Wins:  11
Losses:  10
Break-evens:  0
Highlights:  The last three bets - NCL to clinch the title by winning at half time/full time, Darren Bent to score (and doing so in 7 mins), and Liverpool v Atletico to be less than 2.5 goals.

End of April: £61.99 (profit +£0.99)

Not sure what's going to happen for May, with the footy season coming to a close...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last few months...

As you may have guess from the lack of posts, I got bored with updating the blog in January after a few bad results.  Anyhow, I pretty much ended January even money.

The Incremental (tm) made a come back starting in Feb.

I'm not going to go into exact details, as there is a lot of in-play betting, backing, laying, backing some more, and so forth.  This is much better for me, as while I can't always get to the computer (due to cadets for example), if I can avoid losing anything to bring back a little profit, then better for me!

End of January:  £20.00 (starting pot)

End of February:  £43.56 (profit +£23.56)

Total Bets:  24
Wins:  15
Losses:  6
Break-evens:  3
Highlights:  Paul Nicholson beating Merv King (then going on to beat Phil Taylor - not backed), Birmingham beating Wolves, and Toon beating Coventry (starting 1.5 goals down on the asian handicap).

End of March: £61.00 (profit +£17.44)

Total Bets:  30
Wins:  19
Losses:  9
Break-evens:  2
Highlights:  Stoke v Spurs +2.5 goals, Coventry v Cardiff +2.5 goals, and Bayarn Munich scoring late on to beat Manyoo, and score the 3rd goal in my +2.5 wager.

Let's hope April is just as successful!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bet # 20-22

Been a busy boy today, ripping out and partially fitting a new bathroom.  Due to this, I haven't had much time to bet.

I lost £5.00 on the Hamilton v Rangers game.  It was 3-3 last week, yet today was just shite!  Rangers took the lead in the 77th minute, but it was too late for me to recuperate anything, having backed at 3.0

I then tried my luck in one of the Prem games that The Syndicate never backed.  Wolves v Wigan.  The late first goal meant that I was never going to make a fortune so I hedged to cover any losses and broke even as the game ended 2-0

Finally (for this post) I took +2.5 in the Everton v Man City game, staking my entire £14.45 pot on +2.5 goals @ 2.08, laying at 1.32 when Saha slotted in the second.  I stand to break even, or make £10.68 if another goal is scored.

* Additional - I've put £5.00 on +2.5 in Egypt v Mozambique @ 2.40, and will lay as soon as the fist goal goes in.  I'm also tempted to take Real Madrid away at Athletico Bilbao, but will await better odds than 1.83.  £5.00 will go on that @ 2.00 or greater.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Bet # 17 - 19

Updating from yesterday, I had a bit of a poor day.  Without going into details...

Won £0.12 on Udinese v Lumezanne
Lost £10.00 on Blackburn v Fulham
Won £6.83 on Ivory Coast v Ghana

Bets 17-19 : -£3.05
Total Pot : £19.45

Thursday, January 14, 2010

7 minutes... 7 pounds...

It took only 7 minutes for Chievo to get on the scoresheet, and immediately the odds of laying +2.5 dropped to 1.5

Backing the lay has made me the following:

-2.5 goals = £6.77
+2.5 goals = £7.62

Bet # 16

This one is on the Italians Fiorentina v Chievo, again taking +2.5.  I'm desperate to get back in the black, so this is an all or nothing encounter...

£14.87 @ 2.28

Bet # 15

Post-event updates here, as I was quite busy yesterday...

Basically, I won £2.39 on the Cameroon v Gabon 1-1 draw - same system, back +2.5, lay under.

Bet # 15 : +£2.39
Total Pot : £14.87

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last night was a poor night in the FA Cup, with lack of goals in the games I selected.

Bet # 12-14 : -£6.29
Total Pot : £12.48

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bet # 12 - 14

Bet # 11 was won within 15 minutes, hedging to £1.10 if under, and £1.12 over the 2.5 goals.  Almost instantly, another goal goes in.

Bet # 11 : +£1.06
Total P&L : £18.77

Bet # 12 - 13 is £2.00 on +2.5 goals in the Bristol v Cardiff (@ 2.4) and the Coventry v Pompey (@ 2.3) FA Cup ties.  Bet 14 is a bigger gamble, £4.81 on +2.5 goals in the Birmingham v Nottm Forest (@ 2.54) encounter.

I'll be keeping tabs on these in-play so expect hedging as and when...

Bet # 11

Sticking with the African Cup of Nation theme, I'm going for +2.5 goals for the relatively unknown Mozambique vs the relatively unknown Benin.

£2.00 goes on this at odds of 2.66 - match kicking off at 18:30


Ok, had one final bet for Monday, and it was on the nil-score bore of Ivory Coast v Burkina Faso.

Bet # 9 : -£2.00
Total Pot : £16.29

Bet # 10 was more successful, hedged so that I made profit either way on Egypt v Nigeria on the +2.5 goals market.  56 minutes and it's 2-1 to egypt, and £1.42 to Ralph. :)

Bet # 10 : +£1.42
Total Pot : £17.71

Monday, January 11, 2010

One small win for Ralph... One giant leap for Incremental...

It's goals galore in the African Cup of Nations - Malawi currently 3-0 up against Algeria.

I don't know why I hedge... (yes I do - cos the minute I don't it'll be a low scoring game!)

Bet # 8 : +£0.46
Total Pot : £18.30

Bet # 8 - It's another +2.5er

The 2008 African Cup of Nations produced 99 goals, and already the 2010 tournament is looking promising for many more.  That's an approximate of about 3.09 per game!

In last nights opener, Angola were 4-0 up against Mali with 11 minutes to go, and the match ended 4-4.  For this reason, I can see a lot of wins for the +2.5 goals market.

Today I've picked for +2.5 in the Malawi v Algeria game which kicks off at 13:45.  With odds of 2.48, this looks like good return for my £2.00 stake.

* In-play at 17 minutes (Malawi having just taken the lead) played and the hedge looks like this
-2.5 goals = +£1.16
+2.5 goals = +£0.48

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Balance after bet # 7

Well a win is a win, and if I get a bigger pot then more money will go on these thus bigger profits.

Currently though, Barca's game ended 5-0 and Juve got beat off Milan 3-0 - I won £0.23 and £0.11 respectively.

Bet # 6 : +£0.11
Bet # 7 : +£0.23
Total Pot : £17.84

Final Try x2

Seeing as I'm losing nothing on Juve v AC, I've stuck £2.00 on the Tenerife v Barca game @ 2.12 for +2.5 goals.  It's 23 minutes gone and nothing yet...

* Barca take the lead... and I whack on my counter bet

-2.5 goals = +£0.80
+2.5 goals = +£0.24

I can get used to this...

Final Try?

The Real Madrid game ended up 2-0, and when the goals came, they never made the under 3.5 odds favourable enough.

Bet # 5 : -£2.00
Total Pot : £17.49

I've gone for +2.5 again in the Juventus v AC Milan game, and might go for Barca if the odds on +2.5 go above 2.00

* AC Milan take a 1-0 lead, and I've offset backing -2.5 goals.

-2.5 goals = +£0.32
+2.5 goals = +£0.12

Bet # 5 - Third time lucky

Going for it again, this time with Real Madrid at home to Mallorca.

£2.00 on +3.5 goals @ 2.30

Bet # 4 - Let's try it again

£2.00 on +2.5 goals in the Greek Super League between AEK and Atromitos @ 2.02

* Bing - 1-0 to Atromitos after 10 minutes, so I've laid the 2.5 goals @ 3.55

-2.5 goals = £3.10 profit
+2.5 goals = £0.04 profit

Score at half time... 2-1.

Bet # 4 : +£0.04
Total Pot : £19.49

At least no loss...

Final score 1-1 meaning no profit for me, but more positively, no loss :)

Bet # 3 : +/-£0.00
Total Pot : £19.45

Can't lose!

I've hedged in the Leicester v Ipswich game, by putting another bet on (£2.00 on less than 2.5 goals @ 3.00) I cannot lose in either outcome.

With the current score 1-0 to Ipswich, if more than 2.5 goals are scored in the game, I get £0.16, less than 2.5 I get £2.00.

Yes, this is only pennies, but I'm going to have to get used to in-play hedging as I want to keep on taking the "no-lose" stance to build up the pot :)

* Half-time edit - The score is now 1-1 at half time so I'm going to again hedge, and put on +2.5 goals again.  This way, under 2.5 goals, I break even (lose nothing) and if it is more, which I think it will be, I will win (depending on odds at time of bet).

** took it @ 1.32, so it's win nothing or £0.80 = zero risk...  I like it!

Bet # 3

Today sees Leicester take on Ipswich.  I've gone for £2.00 on +2.5 goals in the game @ 2.08

Kick off is at 15:00

Saturday, January 9, 2010

One step forward, two steps back...

Brum v Manyoo ended as a 1-all draw, meaning, obviously, less than 2.5 goals.

Bet # 2 : -£2.16
Total Pot : £19.45

Bet # 2

Birmingham play Manyoo in 35 minutes time, and as I've already had a win on +2.5 goals at the Emirates, I'm going to throw it away taking the same for this game.

£2.16 goes on +2.5 goals @ 2.20

Off to a winning start...

81 minutes in to the Arsenal v Everton game at the Emirates, and Steven Pienaar has just scored the third goal of the game, giving Everton a 2-1 lead.

Not bothered about the rest of the game, my bet has won :)

Over at the daily tenner however, and it's looking like another loss... Oh dear.

Bet # 1 Profit : £1.61
Total Pot : £21.61

The Incremental Is Back... Too!

I've decided (been allowed) to re-start the incremental.

Starting up again with £20, the only differences this time round is that minimum bet is £2.00 (so at worst case I have 10 bets and am bust) and that I'm not sticking to 1 bet every day.  There may be more, there may be less, but only one at a time.

So first bet is £2.00 on Arsenal v Everton to have +2.5 goals in the game (providing it goes ahead at 3pm) @ 1.85