Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Wonga

Good results for the Incremental tonight as I've been playing the 'Lay the draw' game.

England v Hungary was 0-0 at half time so at about 55 minutes I layed the draw, backing it once goals went in.

Profit +£7.60

I then couldn't see any goals coming in extra time of the Torquay v Reading game, so opted for under 1.5 goals.  There was one, in the 120+0.25 minute!  My £8 profit (less commission, whoops) from the England game went on this.

Profit: +£4.41

Current Pot: +£34.36

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rot Stopped?

I'm not going to bore anyone with the details of my 5 loss run (cos it's embarrassing to say the least), but hopefully it's stopped - with Pompey winning away at Stevenage in todays wager.

Time to put the 'clever hat' on and re-build the empire...

Current Pot: +£22.35

Monday, August 2, 2010

Got to be increasing...

Some more randoms over the weekend.  I just missed out on whacking some on +2.5 goals in the Toon v PSV game (it wasn't in-play).  Anyhow, at 8 minutes in the markets were all suspended so alas, no bet could be placed.  It ended 2-2.

I then decided to put on the AC Milan v Lyon game +2.5 goals.  It wasn't - ending all square 1-1.

Completely randomly I then put on the Russian Heavyweight Tomsk v Siber - which won me my lost dosh coming in at 3-2.

Current Pot: +£33.97

*I now also have some laid bets on St. Johnston v Bolton.  At 0 risk, I stand to earn £2.10 if it's less than 1.5 goals, and 20p, if it's over 2.5

** Typical - 2-0 to the away team.  Incremental profit: 0.00