Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bet #02

Another half timer, in the Czech league. 5th play 13th, so bring on the goal(s).

£13.64 @ 2/7
Potential returns: £17.54
Result: Won (much more comfortable than bet 1 as this was 3 mins into second half :-))

Friday, April 15, 2016

Bet #01 - second attempt

Starting again.  Looking for value in the Peru leagues, and Deportivo Municipal v Comerciates Unidos meets my needs.  Goals for these come late, so I've held on until HT to get better odds. Fingers crossed...

£10.00 @ 4/11
Potential returns: £13.64
Result: Won (they left it late 85 mins)

Bet #07 ...and out!

Spoke too soon. This one unlike the others between teams fighting it out at the bottom, was teams in first and second in French league. Darn.

£13.62 @ 1/6
Potential returns: £15.89
Result: Lost

Bet #06

Putting £10 aside for a second chance, and the remainder is going back on. May put aside more at £30 if I get there.

£11.35 @ 1/5 on German game
Potential returns: £13.62
Result: Won

Bet #05

German League 2... MSV Duisburg v 1860 Munich for at least a goal.

£18.68 @ 1/7
Potential returns: £21.35
Result: Won

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bet #04

There's not been a 0-0 for either of these teams this year, so I'm hoping that continues.  Cambridge City v Chippenham Town.

£16.34 @ 1/7
Potential returns: £18.68
Result: Won

Bet #03

Wanted to get one more on before the Europa cup kicked off.  One in the Brazil state leagues looked good value, and caught my eye.

£14.29 @ 1/7
Potential returns: £16.33
Result: Won (literally just pressed update)

Bet #02

Looked back through the Finnish league, and it's goals galore. I was going to do all four games, but as I was selecting them, goals started coming in.  A nice winner.

£12.86 @ 1/9
Potential returns: £14.29
Result: Won

£10 to £10k

Bets 19+ were all over the place. I got up to £21, then have dropped back to £10.  I've now decided that in the season close to restart an attempt of 10to10k.

Bet #01 is on a single goal in a game in the Iran Pro League

£10.00 @ 2/7
Potential returns: £12.86
Result: Won

Friday, April 8, 2016

Bet #18

I should most likely have switched it up a bit, but instead I'm sticking with what got me through, and yet again going for corners in the Aussie league.

Bet 18:
Central Coast Mariners v Newcastle Jets: +11.5 corners
Pot = £7.20
10% Stake £1.20 @ 6/5
Result: Pending

Bet #17

There's some good value in the Aussie leagues these days, and quite often goals a plenty.  They also tend to love their corners.  Melbourne played Adelaide this morning, and I was on it.

Bet 17:
Melbourne v Adelaide: +11.5 corners
Pot = £6.00
10% Stake £1.00 @ 6/5
Result: Win
New Pot = £7.20

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bet #16 Result

What a load of tosh. First half was fairly boring corner wise, then Liverpool took the lead. A quick succession of corners followed, both just before and just after half time taking us up to six; more than halfway there. Then Dortmund equalised, and it all dried up. At 80 mins, I thought there would defo be some and made an additional stake of a quid for 2 or more corners at 3/1, alas that was also made in vain.

Result: Lost
New pot = £6.00

Bet #16

I think Dortmund v Pool will be a cracker tonight, and while I think Dortmund will probably win, as it's against former manager Klopp, I'm staying clear of that one.  Last game v Spurs, Liverpool had 12 corners by themselves, so I think that over 10.5 corners between both teams at evens might be fairly safe

Bet 16:
Dortmund v Liverpool: +10.5 corners
Pot = £8.25
10% Stake £1.25 @ evens
Result: Pending

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bets #13 - #15

Toon were beaten.  Boo.

Bet 12:
Norwich v Newcastle: Newcastle
Pot = £8.92
Stake £0.91 @ 5/2
Result: Lost
New pot = £8.01

Next two I fancied, but just didnt come off.

Bet 13:
Liverpool v Spurs: Liverpool
Pot = £8.01
Stake = £1.00 @ 3/1
Result: Lost (ended 1-1)
New pot = £7.01

Bet 14:
Brisbane Roar v Newcastle Jets: Brisbane Roar to nil
Stake £1.01 @ 7/5
Result: Lost (ended 2-1, but they were actually 0-1 down)
New pot = £6.00

The next one was a no-lose.  B365 offered a risk free in-play bet on PSG v Man City.  To do this I bet the "banker" pre-match, and then same stake "in play".  If the in-play lost, they'd refund my stake.  As it happened it won so better profit.

Bet 15:
PSG v Man City
Pre-Match: Under 1.5 FH Goals £3.00 @ 4/9 (would return £4.33 + refund of £3.00 in-play)
In-Play: Over 1.5 FH Goals £3.00 @ 7/4 (returning £8.25)
Result - in-play wins
New pot = £8.25

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bet #11 & #12

Been out shopping so put the first of these on while on the move.  Was 2-0 just before HT and 4-0 when Villa went down to 10 men. Printing money that one.

Bet 11:
Villa v Chelsea: Chelsea HT/FT
Pot = £7.54
10% Stake £1.00 @ 11/8
Result: Win
New Pot: £8.92

I'm less confident with bet 12, but howay the lads. Don't win this, we are down.

Bet 12:
Norwich v Newcastle: Newcastle
Pot = £8.92
Stake £0.91 @ 5/2
Result: Pending

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bet #10 Result

Well that was positive. Southend scored moments after initial bet, so I quickly cashed out for £0.95 profit, quickly re-staking it for over 1.5/2.0 on the goal line @ 3.70

Seven minutes later it was 1-1, and another cash out brought home £2.54

That's me done for today, but for sure there are more goals in this one...

Bet 10:
Southend v Sheff Utd:  First Half Goal Line over 0.5/1.0 & over 1.5/2.0
Pot = £5.00
10% Stake £1.00 @ 2.475/3.70* (decimal odds) *cashed out
Result: Win
New Pot: £7.54

Bet #10

These mid table teams both score and concede (mostly) in first half, so I'm taking Asian goal line over 0.5/1.0 in first half.

Bet 10:
Southend v Sheff Utd:  First Half Goal Line over 0.5/1.0
Pot = £5.00
10% Stake £1.00 @ 2.475 (decimal odds)
Result: Pending

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bet #9

Never bet on friendlies... 0-0 for bet 8.

Next up, corners in-play during Eng v Holland. Another friendly. It had just gone HT, and with 6 corners in, was evens for over 9. Easy money, right?

Turns out yes! Although ended on just 10. But a win is a win.

Bet 09:
England v Holland:  More than 9 corners
Pot = £4.00
10% Stake £1.00 @ evens
Result: Win
New Pot = £5.00

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bet #8

Right, back on the winning train today, hopefully.

Bet 08:
Romania v Spain:  Spain & over 2.5 goals
Pot = £5.00
10% Stake £1.00 @ 2/1
Result: Pending

Bet #6 & #7

Bet 5 lost, which left me on 7 quid, then I went to pub to watch Toon v Sunderland. I think I had a couple of losses on that game leaving me just £5.00 in pot.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bet #5

Picked a few teams across multiple leagues in the 3pm KO's. Playing a little safe by going for the draw no bet option, but if this 5-fold comes in will be sitting pretty.

Bet 05:
5-fold Draw-No-Bet Accumulator
Pot = £8.10
10% Stake £1.10* @ 4.45
Result: Pending
*I just added the 10p spare to keep things simple.

WEST BROM v Norwich
HEARTS v St. Johnstone
BURNLEY v Wolves
HERTHA BERLIN v Ingolstadt

Friday, March 18, 2016

Bet #4 Result

Yay! Losing streak ends!

Pot: £7.00
Bet 4: +£1.10
New Pot: £8.10

Bet #4

Not going well. Good run, but fell late on. Damn. I was tempted by Black Hercules too.

Pot: £8.00
Bet 3: -£1.00
New Pot: £7.00

Early one today as I try a yes/no option on corners in the Aussie league. Really need a win here.

Bet 04:
Total Corners Melbourne v Sydney:  Over 11
Pot = £7.00
10% Stake £1.00 @ 11/10
Result: Pending

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bet #3

Another poor choice. Caley were 0-2 down at half time, and despite pulling a goal back in the second half, it was too little too late for the home team.

Pot: £9.00
Bet 2: -£1.00
New Pot: £8.00

I'm not really one for the nags, but have been tipped to go for Outlander in the 13:30 at Cheltenham. Kiss of death to everyone else who has it picked most likely.

Bet 03:
Cheltenham 13:30 Winner:  Outlander
Pot = £8.00
10% Stake £1.00 @ 9/2
Result: Pending

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bet #2

Back to my roots today, as my old local team Caley Thistle take on Hibs in Scottish Cup replay. Heart ruling over head on this one, but I've taken Caley to win.

Bet 02:
ICT v Hibs Result:  ICT
Pot = £9.00
10% Stake £1.00 @ 7/4
Result: Pending

Bet #1 Result

Well that shit out early. City lost two players early on through injury and looked uninterested. They will probably go on and win it, but alas not off to a good start.

Starting Pot: £10.00
Bet 1: -£1.00
New Pot: £9.00

Bet #1

Been a bit bored so starting this up... again! Back to old rules, and this time I need to stick to them.  One bet per day, minimum odds of evens, bet 10% of total pot.  I think that was them anyway.

Bet 01:
Man City v Dynamo Kiev HT Result:  Man City
Pot = £10.00
10% Stake £1.00 @ 1/1
Result: Pending