Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Incremental takes a break

Regardless of the outcome of tomorrows matches, I've decided that I'm closing the incremental down for a while.

This has nowt to do with recent losses, but is more I'm finding it difficult to juggle the funds between 3 different systems, and something has to give.

I'll be back in the new year.

Thanks for reading!

Swineflu around the Hudders?

Bet # 65 : -£2.36
Total P&L : +£21.23

On a positive note, both other bets I put on tonight won!  Not part of the incremental though :(

Bet # 66 is where I will most likely be falling under the £20 mark, as I'm putting on both English teams to succeed in Europe tomorrow.

Odds of 2.5 for that is where my £2.12 goes...

Stupid Tennis

Bet # 64 : -£2.62
Total P&L : +£23.59

Bet # 65 goes on Huddersfield to win away at Swindon.

£2.36 @ 7/5

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pompey Blew It

This match would have been so different, had Pompey scored their first half penalty.  But they didn't, and despite being the better team, were beat by a 74th minute goal.

Bet # 63 : -£2.91
Total P&L : +£26.21

Bet # 64 goes on Nadael (8/13) and Djokovic (2/5) to win their respective matches today.

£2.62 @ 1.26/1

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bet # 63

Stoke play at home today v Pompey.  Pompey beat Stoke 4-0 in the league cup, and will be looking for a repeat performance as they attempt to get off the foot of the table.

£2.91 @ 12/5 on a Pompey win.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Le Stoopid French

Bordeaux got beat! and Lyon drew against bottom of league Grenoble.

Bet # 61 : -£3.24
Total P&L : +£29.12

Bet # 62

Top of the league Bordeaux take on eighth placed Valenciennes tonight @ 4/9, while second placed Lyon take on bottom side Grenoble away @ 1/2

Both matches kick off at 18:00

£3.24 @ 1.16/1

What a good day!

Lee Bowyer scored the only goal of the game to make Bet # 61 a winner.  Scoring on 16 minutes, Fulham just couldn't reply.

In separate betting, our little syndicate of Me, Mr H, and Mr P came good in the 90+4 minute as our £3 on an accumulator of Chelski (4-0), Leeds (3-0) and Leicester (1-0) came off at just under respectable 3/1

And final, win of the day has to go for a honorable mention to my old man - he was mocked in the club last night, but went and did it anyway, getting odds from the bookies of 60/1...

£5 on Darren Bent to score and Sunderland to win 1-0!

Well done Dad!  I'll be coming to the club tonight for a few pints on you!

Bet # 61 : +£4.22
Total P&L : +£32.36

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bet # 61

Scott Waites threw the best 3 games of his life to come from 9-7 down, to beat Gary Anderson 10-9 in the final second round match of the night.  Earlier, Simon Whitlock won 10-1 to make this bet 50% of the way there.

I also stuck a cheeky 41p (don't ask why) on Darin Young at 16/1 on who very nearly pulled it back to win against Robert Thornton, but alas didn't.

Bet # 60 : -£3.17
Bet # 60b : -£0.41
Total P&L : +£28.14

Bet # 61 will be on the footy tomorrow.  Birmingham to beat Fulham = £2.81 @ 6/4

Harrington Makes Headway!

Paddy wonderful, as Mr. C's second waxer tip comes off in style.  This brings me well above £30 now, and it's back to 10% bets.

Bet # 60 : +£5.21
Total P&L : +£31.72

Bet # 61 is on the darts.  Whitlock (1/2) and Anderson (1/4) to win their matches.  Hats off to Mr. C who should really get back into the betting game...

£3.17 @ 0.87/1

Mr. C = Legend!

Good tip from Mr. C today meant I returned a £6.41 profit.  O'Shea beating Mark Webster 10-9, before Taylor hammered Lloyd 10-4.

Bet # 59 : +£6.41
Total P&L : +£26.51

Bet 60 is another Mr. C waxer... £6.51 @ 4/5 on Paddy Harrington to beat Martin Kaymer in the second round of the Dubai World Championship in an 18-hole match up.  This action tees off at 5:55 GMT so with any luck I'll be quids in by breakfast time ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bet # 59

Portugal came up trumps last night (7/5), however I also needed Uruguay to beat Costa Rica (4/9) - they didn't :(

Bet # 59 is on the darts - O'Shea to beat Webster @ 4/7, with a bit of Phil Taylor added in for 'value'.  I've also put 50% of my pot on this!

£10.10 @ 0.63/1

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bet # 58

Well, I did say it was a silly bet...  Shame is that I picked the three winners, and then added the other two to make it interesting...  Never mind.

Bet # 57 : -£2.48
Total P&L : +£22.33

Bet # 58 goes on Portugal and Uruguay (both 1-0 up from the first legs) to win the second legs of their world cup qualifying matches.

£2.23 @ 2.46/1

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bet # 57 Silly Bet Time

Silly bet time indeed!  All in the FA cup...

1Brentford    @ 3/10
2Mansfield    @ 8/15
3Carlisle    @ 13/10
4Leyton Orient    @ 19/20
5Port Vale    @ 5/2
Multiple Bets
1 x 2.48 5 Folds
Stake: 2.48
Potential Winnings:  75.12
Total Stake: 2.48

Bet # 56

It seems 1 step forward, two steps back.  Racing lost (down £2.54), GLP win (up £1.91)

Bet # 56 : +1.91
Total P&L : +£24.81

Really need some bankers now...

Always Go With The Gut!

Rule no.1 - always go with the gut instinct.

Racing won 1-0.


Bet # 55 : -£2.54
Total P&L : +£22.90

Bet # 56 is on the final Argenentinian game of the evening.  Gimnasia LP to beat Huracan = £2.29 @ 5/6

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bet # 55

San Lorenzo had a torrid night, getting hammered 3-0 at home to Indepentiente.

Bet # 53 : -£2.63
Total P&L : +£23.71

I then thought I'd give the Argentinian league another shot, taking River Plate to beat Atletico Tucuman @ 8/11.  When they went 1-0 down, I thought my luck was right out, however River Plate came back to win 3-1.

Bet # 54 : +£1.73
Total P&L : +£25.44

So now on to today's bet... There's pretty much nothing on today, so it's back to the Argentinian Primera Division, where Racing Club take on Estudiantes.  Now I initially fancied Racing, who are 2nd bottom in the table, to beat Estudiantes (currently 4th), but at 14/5 thought this was way too favourable for the bookies to take my dosh.  Studying the recent form guide, both teams don't seem to be doing too well keeping clean sheets, so I've taken this for more than 2.5 goals.

£2.54 @ 23/20

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bet # 53

Todays flutter is going to be on San Lorenzo to beat Independiente in the Argentinian Primera Division.

£2.63 @ 11/10

Saturday, November 14, 2009

McQuade Saves The Day

Six minutes in and Dumbarton were 1-0 up.  This was the last opportunity for me to check the scores, as I was just heading into the cinema to watch 2012, and then when I came out my phone battery was dead.

Anyway, as the headline suggests, the bet came off, as Paul McQuade scored a penalty on 18 mins, and struck the winner in the 82nd.

Bet # 52 : +£2.61
Total P&L : +£26.34

Bet # 52

Todays dosh is on Cowdenbeath to beat Dumbarton in the Scottish League Two.

£2.37 @ 11/10

P.s.  or those wondering about the super Mr. C tip, it was for the Nadal v Tsonga tennis match.  Nadal was 6/5 (and won) but Mr. C recommended over 22.5 games - it was 24.  Never put it on though.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rainy Days equals Happy Days!

Happy days indeed, as the first Twenty20 match was a corker!

England came out 202-6, and the bookies swung favour towards them, to the point I almost backed SA to get a win-win scenario.  If anything I was too late, as the odds fell, due to SA pulling back well.

At 127-3, rain stopped play, and I thought this bet would be voided.  Not to be!  England had 128 at the same point (after 13 overs) and apparently that did it!

Happy Days!

Bet # 51 : +£3.54
Total P&L : +£23.73

Bet # 51

Yesterday was disappointing as NZ were crushed by Pakistan.  And it looked so positive 17-0 up after the first over.

Bet # 50 : -£2.43
Total P&L : +£20.19

At risk of breaking back into the 'less than £20.00' bracket, I've taken England to beat SA in the International Twenty20 today.

If this comes off, Mr. C has picked a tremendous second bet...  Watch this space.

Anyhow, £2.02 goes on England @ 7/4

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bet # 50

I never had any time to get a bet on yesterday, and when I eventually did get some time, there was nothing I fancied - so I saved my dosh for today.

The Twenty20 cricket between Pakistan & New Zealand is well underway, and with Pakistan 161-8, NZ are chasing the match.  I've taken them to win this.

£2.24 @ 6/5

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Three One..... Threeeeeeee Onnnnnnnneee!

Yes, as you'll have guessed, both my selections for tonight came in 3-1 winners.  It would have been almost 3 times as much won had I went for the 'more than 2.5 goals' but I'm a happy chappy none the less.

Bet # 48 : +£1.44
Total P&L : +£22.43

Bet # 48 & # 49

Liverpool Brum ended 2-2.

Bet # 47 : -£2.08
Total P&L : +£18.75

Tonight sees me putting on a League 1 v League 2 double in the League Cup - Leeds and MK dons to beat Grimsby and Northampton respectively.  These come at odds of 2/9 and 4/9 which combined is slightly less than evens - and it's £1.88 on this.

I've also had a few randoms on throughout the day.  Bottom line of this is that I've come out up.  I'll not bore with the details...

Bet 49 : +£2.24
Bet 48 : -£1.88 (in play)
Total P&L : +£19.11

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bet # 47

Tonights bet is on either team in the Liverpool/Brum clash not to score.  I was tempted by the Torres to score 2 or more at 11/4 but have settled on the above.  Hopefully Brum will draw a blank...

£2.08 @ 5/6

Bet # 46

I should have checked the full form history to know that this wouldn't have been the high scoring encounter I expected.  Chelsea won 1-0, and Ralph lost.

Bet # 45 : -£2.32
Total P&L : +£20.83

Think I'll get some on the cricket later on...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bet # 45

Well the biggest game tomorrow has to be the Chelsea/ManYoo encounter at Stamford Bridge.

I think this will be too close to call, as both teams seem to be firing on all cylinders, but while both seem to be doing ok on the scoring front, they are both letting in goals at the back (conceding 5 between them in Champs League).

On this basis, I'm going for more than 2.5 goals, staking £2.32 @ 21/20

Valuev for Money

How he did it?  I don't know!  But David Hayes managed to beat Goliath Nicolay Valuev via decision 114-114, 116-112, 116-12.  It means that Mr. C was bob on, and as such, brings the Incremental back above the initial stake for only the third time since the beginning of October.

In other news, there were two more goals in the second half at Molineux, however only one of them went to Arsenal, so my 91p profit from bet 43 went back into the bookies pocket.

Bet # 42 : +£4.79
Bet # 43 : +£0.91
Bet # 44 : -£0.91
Total P&L : +£23.15

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bet # 44

Arsenal are already 3-0 up at half time against Wolves, successfully winning me 91p from bet # 43.

As a result, I'm taking them to score at least two more goals in the second half.  My 91p goes on this at odds of 13/8

Bet # 42 & # 43

Tonight sees David Haye take on a giant in the boxing.  My money, after a Mr. C tip, is for Haye to win by Decision/Technical Decision.  £1.84 @ 13/5

Also, in the football, I've taken Arsenal/Wolves to be more than 2.5 goals.  £1.65 @ 11/20.  I might increase this as the goals go in...

Loads of bets...

The arsenal game was goals galore...  The barca game... wasn't :(

Bet # 36 : -£1.92

Total P&L : +£17.31

I then went for a treble in the Europa League.  This didn't come off either.

Bet # 37 : -£1.73

Total P&L : +£15.58

Giles Simon playing in the Tennis on Friday.  Surely he'll win...  Nope.

Bet # 38 : -£1.56

Total P&L : +£14.02

Now for the random Friday bets, which all won... 

Montana 1921 to win away at Lokomotiv Mezdra, in-play, already 1-0 up with 10 minutes remaining. £1.40 @ 1/3

Bet # 39 : +£0.67 (47p plus random 20p I must have mislaid somewhere?)

Total P&L : +£14.69

No third goal in the match between Al Khaleej & Hatta Dubai. £1.47 @ 10/11

Bet # 40 : +£1.34

Total P&L : +£16.03

NZ to beat Pakistan in the ODI, already 303-3, Pakistan at 100-1 with 22 over played. £1.60 @ 8/11

While this was in-play I also put £1.44 on Notts County to beat Bradford @ 4/5

Bet # 41 : +£1.16

Bet # 42 : +£1.15
Total P&L : +£18.34

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bet # 36

Couldn't believe it last night, so I'm not going for results tonight.

Instead its 3 or more goals in both the Barca and Arsenal matches.  Come on GOAL-FESTS!

£1.92 @ odds of 1.7/1

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Damn Minibus!

Chelsea eventually took the lead in the game in the 88th minute, only to concede an equaliser 3 minutes later.  The game ended a draw, so I lose.

The minibus reference is due to my other scheme of which I couldn't back the draw, due to shipping cadets back from Alnwick when Atletico took the lead.  That one cost me £53 into the other profit.  Never mind... at least the Daily Tenner lost too...

Bet # 35 : -£2.14
Total P&L : +£19.23

Bet # 35

After a busy day yesterday I've decided to calm it down a bit today.  Tempting as it was to whack a wodge on Pakistan to beat New Zealand today, work kept me busy enough that I didn't find myself needing to.

Anyhow, ample selections to go for tonight, including QPR at home to Crystal Palace, Man Utd v Moskow, etc... but I'm going to play it safe and take 17 goals in 4 games Chelski to see off Atletico Madrid again tonight.  With Drogba back, is this going to be another high scoring game?  Who cares?  I don't, as long as Chelski win.

£2.14 goes on this at 10/11

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bet # 32, 33 & 34

Blame Mr C and his cricket malarky...  Tip of the day again came from him, for Dhoni to score more than 50 runs... I went against this and took less than 41.5 @ 5/6 with a stake of £1.35 Mr B came out on top for a change!

Bet # 32 : +£1.13
Total P&L : +£16.12
In-Play : -£1.50 (Toon match)

Bet 33 was when Dhoni was still in play and would be "hitting it big".  I took the 31st over (i think) to be more than 4.5 runs.  It wasn't.

Bet # 33 : -£2.00
Total P&L : £14.12
In-Play : -£1.50 (Toon match)

Finally, once Dhoni went out, the Aussies came big favourites again.  I was unlucky not to get them at 11/4, but stuck a quick £5er on them at evens.  They went on to win 250 v 226 all out.

P.s. As I write this up, the Toon narrowly beat Sheff Utd 1-0 thanks to an own goal.  Mr. C was very right when he said less than 2.5 goals...

Bet # 34 : +£5.00
Bet # 31 : +£2.25
Total P&L : +£21.37

Bet # 30 & # 31

Man City, Kings of the Draws couldn't score against Birmingham, and in the end were lucky as ex-toon stopper, Super Shay Given saved them from embarrassment by saving from the spot early in the second half.

Bet # 29 : -£1.85
Total P&L : +£16.66

Bet # 30 was also short lived.  Mr. C's tip of the day was for Ricky Ponting to get more than 69.5 runs against India.  This was in-play and he had 30 already, and was up to 52 before being run out - we think more his partners fault than his...

Bet # 30 : -£1.67
Total P&L : +£14.99

And finally, the Toon play tonight, away to an injury ravaged Sheffield United.  The Toon were knocked from top spot over the weekend as a win for West Brom, and a draw for Cardiff took them higher.  At 6/4 this is pretty decent value.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bet # 29

I knew I should have just went for the Lyon win @ 11/10.  It wasn't the goal-fest I was counting on, as Lyon won 1-0

Bet # 28 : -£2.06

Total P&L : +£18.51

Today's bet is on Rangers to beat Dundee @ 10/11 (kicks off in 13 mins), coupled with Man City to beat Birmingham @ 5/6 (KO 16:00).  Combined odds of 5/2 as I stake £1.85.