Friday, January 14, 2011

Back to winning ways?

Treble today, or rather for the weekend, in three separate bets.  If this doesn't pay off, then it'll be back to one bet at a time.

I've taken +2.5 goals in the following games: Stoke v Bolton, Wigan v Fulham and Hull v Barnsley

Bets 11-13: -£6.00
Total profit/(loss): ?

Change of Direction

Well, that was disappointing.  I adopted a change of tactic, and it did not pay off.

Firstly, I thought that Sunderland and Newcastle would ease through in the FA Cup third round.  How wrong was I on this double, with Sunderland losing 2-1 at Stadium of Shite: -£2.55

So off I went to my mates to watch the Toon game - cleverly putting a punt on half-time/full-time to be in Newcastle's favour.  Nope: -£2.00

And finally, I tried a +2.5 goals double on Blackpool v Liverpool and Ipswich v Arsenal.  That would be the same manager-less Ipswich who got thrashed 7-0 by Chelski.  Blackpool did the biz, but Arsenal lost 1-0: -£2.00

Bet's 8-10: -£6.55
Total profit/(loss): +£6.00

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Win Yet!

Literally, as Leon best scores a hat-trick as the mighty Toon cruise to a 5-0 win, 3-0 up by half time, easily winning me a few bob on my +2.5 goals bet.

Total profit/(loss): +£12.55

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 out of 6 ain't bad!

Another win, as Fulham are currently beating West Brom 3-0, after a tip from Mr. F, regarding goals per game.  To be honest all three matches tonight were tempting, but this had the best odds.

Profit from bet 6: +£2.56
Total profit/(loss):  +£9.74

Edit: As it happens of all tonight's football, in the main English Leagues and Scottish Cup had +2.5 goals... now that would have been good odds!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Onwards and upwards...

Working on a Bank Hol always sucks, so to make things a little more bearable I stuck a few bob on the Championship game between the ex-premier league duo Pompey v Hull on +2.5 goals.  And what a corker, as Hull took a 3-2 win.  This took me to £24.05 pot.

I've now got the missus to pick who'd have the most 180's in the Arrows final between Lewis and Anderson.  She backed 'England', and Lewis did not disappoint with a 9-darter early on.  I only put on £2.05, and when Lewis took a big enough lead, hedged it to guarantee either £3.18 or 'no loss'...

Profit from bet 4 & 5 :  +£5.18
Total profit/)loss):  +£7.18

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Only 1-0???

Todays bet (not that there is going to be a daily bet this time round mind you!) was on the Wigan v Toon game to have more than 2.5 goals.  £2.00 went on this at 2.38

Shola Am-a-donkey, should have scored within the first 2 minutes, heading the easiest of chances wide.  Donk then scored in the 19th minute as a Barton shot was saved by the Lactics 'keeper, prodded against the post by Lovenkrands, and then poked in.

The game should then have been about 3-1 by half time, and probably 6-1 by full time, as the crossbar denied Col and Taylor, and Best did his best not to score.

Anyhow, I'd happily lose £2.00 every week if the toon get 3 points.

Loss from bet 3:  -£2.00

Total profit/(loss):  +£2.00

The beginning of the end?

Yesterday saw 2011 start in spectacular fashion, with a fantastic firework display on the telly, and seeing in the new year with friends and loved ones.

It also heralded the day the missus said "yeah ok" to me starting betting again... from a £20.00 starting pot.

The first £2.00 went on +2.5 goals in the Sunderland v Blackburn game - bing!  Return of £2.01, the second bet was on the Brum v Arsenal, of which I put on the £2.01 win from the first bet - bing again!  Return of £1.99

Profit from bets 1 and 2: +£4.00
Total Profit/(Loss):  +£4.00