Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last few months...

As you may have guess from the lack of posts, I got bored with updating the blog in January after a few bad results.  Anyhow, I pretty much ended January even money.

The Incremental (tm) made a come back starting in Feb.

I'm not going to go into exact details, as there is a lot of in-play betting, backing, laying, backing some more, and so forth.  This is much better for me, as while I can't always get to the computer (due to cadets for example), if I can avoid losing anything to bring back a little profit, then better for me!

End of January:  £20.00 (starting pot)

End of February:  £43.56 (profit +£23.56)

Total Bets:  24
Wins:  15
Losses:  6
Break-evens:  3
Highlights:  Paul Nicholson beating Merv King (then going on to beat Phil Taylor - not backed), Birmingham beating Wolves, and Toon beating Coventry (starting 1.5 goals down on the asian handicap).

End of March: £61.00 (profit +£17.44)

Total Bets:  30
Wins:  19
Losses:  9
Break-evens:  2
Highlights:  Stoke v Spurs +2.5 goals, Coventry v Cardiff +2.5 goals, and Bayarn Munich scoring late on to beat Manyoo, and score the 3rd goal in my +2.5 wager.

Let's hope April is just as successful!