Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bet 001 - 2011/2012 Season

Whey, it's that time of the year again that I restart all this bollocks...

1. Going it alone - no arguments, no opts out, just me.
2. Only taking the +2.5 goals market.
3. One bet at a time.
4. Only betting on odds of evens or better.
5. 10% of pot is the stake, unless under £20.00 in which case it's £2.00

Selection number 1 was on the Champs League Qualifiers... the only match with a positive +2.5 goals was between two relative unknowns - Zestafoni v Dacia Chisinau.  A quick check on Soccerway, and neither of these teams are shy to score, so I didn't hesitate to whack my starting £2.00 on it.  Result? 3-0 all goals in the first half.  Bing!

001 - Zestafoni v Dacia: £2.00 @ 23/20 =£22.30

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bet #42 - Cornish Pirates v Worcester: Cornish Pirates

Not sure if he just liked the name, but Mr. C chose the Cornish Pirates to beat Worcester in the Championship: Aviva Premiership Play-offs.

42. Cornish Pirates v Worcester: Cornish Pirates = £7.82 @ 13/8 (£xx.xx)

Bet #41 - Citeh v Spuds: +2.5

As it says on the tin, proposed by Mr. B.  Unfortunately, Modric couldn't hit the spot with an excellent first half opportunity, and then Crouch decided to go and score at the wrong end.  With Citeh 1-0 up, they basically parked the bus infront of their goal, and the match stayed that way.

41. City v Spurs: +2.5 goals = £7.82 @ 1/1 (£46.59)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Update at 40


37. Darts + Footie 5-way = £7.82 @ 4/1 (£55.73)
38. Citeh/Spuds Double = £7.82 @ 3/1 (£47.91)
39. Stoke v Arsenal: Arsenal -0.5 = £7.82 @ 1/1 (£40.09)
40. Fulham v Liverpool: Liverpool = £8.81 @ 13/8 (54.41)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Man Utd on the ol' Asian...

Shit title, I know.  With the Dawg still on jollies, and now with smashed iPhone (I guess we now have a target!), it was up to me and the Dr. to make the selection, for the second day on the trot.  It was always going to be on the Utd v Schalke semi final, but we were debating on markets.  We finally settled on the below, and with a 4-1 scoreline, it was never in doubt.

36. Man Utd v Schalke: Man Utd -1 = £7.82 @ 2.075 (£63.55)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back with a win... this time it's serious!

Mr D is back from his hols, so the betting is back on...  And it's always nice to restart with a win!

35. Barca v Real Madrid: -2.5 goals = £7.82 @ 11/10 (£55.14)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Halt... Hammerzeit!

What could have been was great.  What actually was, erm... wasn't.

32. Norwich v Forest: +2.5 goals = £7.82 @ 19/20 (£62.17)
33. Yankees/Cinci Reds double = £7.82 @ 2/1 (£54.35)
34. QPR to score in both halves = £7.82 @ 6/5 (£46.53)

It is at this point that betting has been called to a ceasefire.  Until Mr. D is back on 3rd May... Will that stay? Probably not :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Halfway there

...but no cigar, as the Bull held Taylor to 3-3.

31. Anderson & Taylor: Most 180's = £7.82 @ 6/5 (£54.74)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Real Unlucky...

30. Spurs v Real/Schalke v Inter: +2.5 goals double = £8.40 @ 2/1 (£62.56)

Early goals spoil the fun...

Trying to put on moments after kick-off for the championship matches began, and we were on to a loser.  The idea was to put on 'draw or win' for the top three championship teams, all playing away.  The odds were coming in at just under 2/1.

However, while entering the selections (B365's in-play system is awful, by the way), QPR scored.  I adjusted that bet to "win only" to keep similar odds, then Norwich scored.  Same again, I adjusted to "win only" to keep the odds, and finally got the bet on... also putting on the wrong amount (£7.28 instead of £7.82).

Anyhow, Norwich then let us down by only drawing.

29. QPR/Norwich to win + Cardiff to win or draw = £7.28 @ 2/1 (£70.96)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Heart over Heed...

Always knew it would end, and in typical fashion it's on a game I should have stayed away from...

27. Blackpool v Arsenal HT/FT: Arsenal/Arsenal = £6.95 @ 11/10 (£76.70)
27. Aston Villa v Newcastle: Draw or Newcastle = £7.67 @ 1/1 (£69.03)
28. Liverpool v Citeh: +2.5 goals = £7.67 @ 6/5 (£78.24)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

RB Saves the day...

Right, it's been a bit of a topsy turvey week.  Up to £48.10, and then a change of system, followed by 5 straight losses, and then some cheeky work by Mr. B.

Firstly, the change of system.  At a meeting on Wednesday it was proposed to change the 10% system to a 10 bets out of the pot.  All this means is that instead of a reducing stake after a loss, we would essentially split the highest pot amount by 10 (so 10 bets of £4.81 based on the current pot).  A win up to £55.00 for example would then mean 10 bets of £5.50 etc...

And then the bad run started.

21. Chelsea to beat Man Utd = £4.81 @ 11/10  (£43.29)
22. Luke Donald to win = £4.81 @ 5/4 (£38.48)
22. Ian Poulter to win = £4.81 @ 13/10 (£33.67)
22. Anderson/Lewis/Taylor Treble = £4.81 @ 2/1 (£28.86)
23. Donald/Casey/McIlroy Treble = £4.81 @ 4/1 (£24.05)

And then it gets messy...
RB decided to take a punt on Hudderfield to beat Warrington without consulting the group.  This was at the risk that if it went wrong, he'd be footing the bill (and no-one would be any the wiser).  Anyhow, it was double or die day after that.

24. Huddersfield to beat Warrington -2.0 = £4.81 @ 6/5 (win £5.78)
25. Wolves v Everton +2.5 goals = £5.78 @ 21/20 (win £11.85)
26. Sunlun/Spurs +2.5 goals double = £11.85 @ 3/1 (win £47.40)
26. Layed bet to cover above = £2.40 @ 5/1 (lose £2.40)

Anyhow, to cut a long blog post short, the £45.00 has been added to the pot which now sits at a pretty £69.05

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days!

Two bets, two wins!  Say no more...

19. QPR v Sheff Utd: QPR -1.0 = £3.89 @ 1/1 (£42.75)
20. Real Madrid v Spurs: Over 11 corners = £4.28 @ 5/4 (£48.10)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lets all laugh at Sunderland

We took City v Sunderland, both teams to score.  City did 5 times.  Sunderland didn't.  Bet lost.

18. Man City v Sunderland (both to score) = £4.32 @ evens (£38.86)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rot Halted...

A third loss on the trot was suffered, as Simon Whitlock, leading Terry Jenkins 2-0, couldn't stop the break of throw and at after 4 legs the game was tied :(

We've then had a turn of fortune - a good pick from Mr C in the Rugby League, followed by a Dr Dags/RB double which went against the flow of OptaJoe.  Ha!

15. Simon Whitlock to beat Terry Jenkins after 4 legs = £3.74 @ 11/8 (£33.68)
16. Castleford to beat Hull FC = £3.37 @ 6/5 (£37.72)
17. Man Utd / Norwich double = £3.77 @ 5/6 x 1/3 (£43.17)* 

Not being one to count chickens, but Norwich are 3-0 up (Holt hat-trick), and Scunny are down to 10-men.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Two losses on the trot now, as we just can't pick the right choice.  We've chosen winners, for sure (i.e. N.Ireland v Slovenia -1.5 goals, or England v Ghana both to score), and some losers (Holland -3.5 v Hungary), but in the end, the money has gone on the losers (below).

Hoping we can get out of this 'rut' soon...

13. Slovenia to beat N. Ireland = £4.62 @ 11/8 (£41.58)
14. Pakistan to beat India = £4.16 @ 11/8 (£37.42)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 13 - Welcome Dr Dags!

A monumental day for the 'RB/DC' Incremental, as it gains a few new letters... We are proud to announce the inclusion of AD (aka Dr_Dags).

Mr. D joins buys in to the current pot, at an agreed fee of £15.00 - taking our pot to £46.20.  His NFL knowledge and tendency for rules will be a good addition to the team.

Which leads us on to tonights wager.  We're hoping that N. Irelands poor form continues, and that Slovenia can cement themselves into second place in Euro 2012 group C.

13. Slovenia to beat N. Ireland = £4.62 @ 11/8

This one kicks off at 19:45, result will be posted later.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 12 - Vrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooooom!

Speedway is the appetiser for today, with Poole Pirates up against the newly promoted Birmingham Brummies.  We've went for Poole to be winning at the end of heat 8, in what has been a very close contest...

At the end of heat 7 it's 21-21, so we need a minimum of a 4-2 to get a return.

We did - it was 23-25 at the end of heat 8 :)

12. Poole to beat Brummies by heat 8 = £2.86 @ 10/11 (£31.20)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 11 - Part 1

Up early with crying bambino, I'm able to see a bit of the Penrith Panthers v Cronulla Sharks rugby via live streaming.  Sharks are annihilating the Panthers, so it's too much to pass up on Sharks -26.0

Not being too familiar with rugby, I'm only conservatively putting on £1.76 @ 11/4

*update - Sharks win 44-12 (which by my mathematical skills is +32.0)

11. Sharks to beat Panthers -26.0 = £1.76 @ 11/4 (£28.60)

Day 10...

An up, then eventually down day for The Incremental. :(

10. Warrington Wolves to beat Wigan = £2.40 @ evens (£26.40)
10. Indiana Pacers -6.5 = £2.64 @ 20/23 (£23.76)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Especially for you... (Dr Dags)

An update for avid reader and tweep @drdags...

The old Incremental died a death, however Mr. C (aka @dj_corndawg), having just won £330 notes on the Premiership Killer, decided to keep this boyo alive.

Starting with a customary £20.00 we were off.  Here's the chart so far...

1. Spurs v AC Milan +2.5 goals = £1.00 @ evens (£19.00)
1. Spurs -1,-0.5 = £1.00 @ 2.75 (£18.00)
* Bonus from B365 of £1.00 (£19.00)
2. Terry Jenkins = £1.00 @ 1/12 (£19.09)
2. Terry Jenkins = £3.00 @ 1/6 (£19.59)
2. Braga to beat Liverpool = £1.09 @ 1/20 (£19.65)
2. Power v Anderson +7.5 180's = £1.65 @ 8/11 (£20.85)
2. Power v Anderson +7.5 180's = £3.00 @ 13/8 (£25.73)
2. Barney = £1.99 @ 5/4 (£28.22)
3. Warrington -26.0 = £4.48 @ evens (£23.74)
4. Leeds = £2.00 @ 11/10 (£21.74)
4. Matt Kuchar = £3.74 @ 5/6 (£18.00)
5. Stoke v West Ham +2.5 = £3.00 @ 11/10 (£21.30)
6. Norwich (HT/FT) = £2.13 @ 6/4 (£24.50)
7. Chelsea + Real to win = £2.45 @ 5/6 (£22.05)
8. Spurs = £2.20 @ 5/4 (£19.85)
8. Stoke v Toon + 2.5 = £2.00 @ 5/4 (£22.35)
8. Ireland -10.0 = £2.35 @ 19/20 (£24.59)
8. Cleveland Caveliers -93.5 = £2.46 @ 5/6 (£26.64)
9. Sunlun v Liverpool +2.5 = £2.64 @ 6/5 (£24.00)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

I probably should have seen that this was a second leg, and that the first ended 0-0.  Damn mobile betting.

Game ended 1-0, goal scored in last ten minutes.  I think this works out like 13 bets lost in a row - is there light at the end of the tunnel?  Dark days indeed.

Loss from bet #03: -£2.00
Balance: £14.00

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bet #03

Today is a return to the +2.5 goals market, hoping Liverpool can do the biz at home with Sparta Prague.

£2.00 goes on this @ 2.32

"An uninspiring goalless draw"

The headline from the beeb sums it up perfectly.  Pah.

Loss from bet #02: -£2.00
Balance: £16.00

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bet #02

Having seen Arsenal, Spurs, and Chelsea all come through victorious in their champs league first leg matches, Todays choice is in-play taking Manyoo to beat Marseille.£2.00 goes on this @ 2.6

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toilet Torres...

Chelsea absolutely bosses the game, but Torres was pants. Anelka showed him how to do it, but he couldn't follow suit. Game ended 2-0, losing bet #01. Congrats to Mr. C with his away win prediction.

Loss from bet #01: -£2.00
Balance: £18.00

Back to the drawing board... Bet # 01

Suffice to say, with a bad run, I got really pissed off and stupidly bet the remaining pot (only £6 or so) on a +2.5 goals match in the French La Liga or whatever.

Anyhow, it's only down the bookies dosh, as I'm back to the original stake - starting pot of £20.00

I was also (yet again) getting carried away with multiple bets, different markets, etc...

Back to the drawing board, I must remember my original 'rules'.
1.  Backing games of over evens
2.  Sticking to things I know about, or am going to watch
3.  Sticking to 10% of my total pot - none of this "whacking it all on" malarky.
4.  Staying at only 1 bet per time - none of this multi event betting at the same time.

With all that in mind, I have decided to back +2.5 goals in the FC Copenhagen v Chelsea encounter tonight, live on Sky Sports HD2.

£2.00 goes on this @ 2.44

Balance: +£18.00

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tis been but a bad week...

Terrible, and unlucky in parts, bets have seen me plummet down in profit.  It helps not that the D20 has also seen red for the first time.

Here's the rundown:
Fulham v Chelsea +2.5 - ended 0-0 - lost £2.09
Brum v Newcastle +2.5 - ended 0-2 - lost £2.00
Scunny v Forest HT/FT Forest/Forst - ended 1-0 - lost £2.00
A silly foreign +2.5 - ended 1-1 - lost £2.00
Darts Double on 180's - win one/lose one - lost £2.00

I've now got two bets for today to try and get back on track...  A quad in the FA Cup (Chelsea, Brum, Man Utd, Stoke) @ 4.09, and +2.5 goals in the Inverness v St. Johnstone game @ 2.36

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fulham v Chelsea...

It was 1-1 after 26 mins in the QPR v Forest game, but it stayed that way with 11 v 10 midway through the first half.

Loss:  -£2.32

Todays wager is on +2.5 goals in the Prem League MNF fixture.  £2.09 @ 2.1

Sunday, February 13, 2011

QPR v Nottm Forest...

Mobile update: £2.32 on +2.5 goals @ 2.4

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finishing on a High...

After the Toon's failure to rack-up the points, there was no way I was going to end on a losing streak.  And with the two below winners, puts me back on track.

Blackburn v Toon +2.5 = -£2.00 (0-0)
Sunlun v Spuds +2.5 = +£2.39 (1-2)
Santandar v Sevilla +2.5 = +£2.39 (3-2)

Total Pot: £23.24 (from now on the £20.00 starting pot is removed)
Next Bet: £2.32

I'll include Old Man's bets every 5 or so.  He's currently on £18.00


Despite a goliath effort against Blackburn, the goals never showed.  And in Old Man's bet, the goals came, but stopped short of +2.5.  Not a great day.

My next bet, trying to redeem slightly is +2.5 in the Mackem v Spuds game £2.00 @ 2.26.  Currently this is 1-1, so looking likely to come off.  Finally, I have +2.5 in the Santander v Sevilla encounter at 9am.  This is also £2.00 @ 2.26


Road Trip + Old Man Joins In

Today sees a road trip to Derby to drop some kids of for a Skiing trip (obv. not skiing in Derby, they are going coach from there).  As I'll be listening to the footie in the van, I've decided to go for +2.5 in the Blackburn v Newcastle game @ 2.1

My £20 'reserve/safety' pot (or whatever you want to call it is now the Old Man's fund - as he has bought in to a slice of the action.  His 10% goes on Arsenal v Wolves and Liverpool v Wigan to both yeild +2.5 goals @ 2.91

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jeepers Jenkers!

Mr. C had a side tip for followers to take Mr. Terry 'The Bull' Jenkins to get the most 180's in the first week of the 2011 Premier League darts.

At 14/1 this was out of my 'normal' remit, so with the 'Old Man' watching on Sky Sports HD1, I took Jenkins to get more than Barney in the match.  £2.05 @ 2.18

Jenkers did it with ease, coming back from 6-4 down, to win the match 8-6, picking up five 180's to Barney's three.

Profit/loss: +£2.30
Total pot: £42.79

Next bets: £2.28

*Edit - I've got Phil 'The Power' Taylor to get +3.5 180's versus Adrian Lewis in the next match of the evening.  £2.28 @ 2.2

**Edit Edit - 'The Power' needed Flu Power, as he only picked up two 180's, getting hammered by Lewis 8-2.  He really was off his game tonight :(

Hitting the double!

The game finished 2-2 (I was up checking it due to poopy baby).  The £2.32 profit takes my grand total to £40.49 What this does, is double my starting pot - so now the game begins!

The £20 beginning pot is being put aside, and it's 10% of the bookies cash going to be played with now.  The bets will still be evens or greater, but I'm guaranteed at least 10 bets before hitting the safety pot and starting again.

Next bet, once decided will be £2.05

Never knowing when to quit...

Up to £37.89, I then stupidly backed some teams in the Argentina B Division or something.  What a waste of time 0-0 being the final result.

Anyhow, as twitter followers will have seen, I backed the Denmark v England game to be +2.5 goals.  After 9 mins it was 1-1, Bent bringing us back from a goal down.  Young came off the bench to score the third and final goal of the game.  £2.00 went on this at 2.2 - bringing home profit of £2.28

I've then decided to put another £2.00 on Venezuela v Costa Rica.  Both teams have been scoring in their last few games, and after 24 mins this is 1-1.  I got odds of 2.22, which if there is a goal in the second half, will take me above £40.00 for the first time...  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Luck of the Irish...

Well after the goal-fest on Saturday, you were pretty much guaranteed a slow, boring Sunday of Premier League action.  Brum beating West Ham by only 1 goal.  Down the pan went that showing.

So following DJ_Corndawg at The Daily 20 and with the big up from Dr. Dags, I also took the Green Bay Packers to beat the Pittsburg Steelers by over 3.5 points in the NFL's 45th Superbowl.  Unlike Mr. C, I was able to get better odds, coming in at 2.26, so £2.00 went on this.

They did, winning 31-25 and bringing home to Daddy +£2.39

I wasn't going to put a bet on today, but the Rep. of Ireland v Wales was on Sky Sports, so I stuck a few bob on it being +2.5 goals @ 2.36.  It was a boring first half, but they came good in the second, with goals from Gibson, Duff and Fahey (in what Sky called a 'Romping Victory') to the tune of +£2.58

Starting pot: £20.00
Profit: +£17.89
Total: £37.89

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Summing up...

Happy to have lost £2.00 to see Man Utd lose.

Anyhow, after an exciting goal-packed yesterday, I'm up 75% of my starting pot from Jan 1.

Starting pot: £20.00
Profit: +£14.92
Total: £34.92

Todays first wager is on West Ham v Brum to provide +2.5 goals, having already missed out on the Old Firm due to sleeping in...  £2.00 goes on this @ 2.1

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Goal-fest brings the bacon!

If only I'd backed +2.5 goals in all todays' games, as it's turned into a CORKER!  41 goals already in the eight matches, and still another half in the Wolves v Man Utd game.

My +2.5 goals double came off returning +£6.39

Final bet is for Man Utd to come back and win this one.  £2.00 goes on this at 3.6...

Get in there!

Now, in my earlier post I said I was backing Sunderland - who have just lost 3-2.  But I'm still happy.  Why?

Easy - backed at 4.1 with £2.06, then laid seconds before Stokes first equaliser, and put on again at 4.3, and laid again after Gyans goal.  I then decided that £9.45 profit for Sunlun to win would be nice, but wasn't convinced they'd hold out against Stokes set pieces, so hedged this bet to win over £5+ on any outcome.

Confirmed profit of +£5.47

My second bet of the day is +2.5 goals in the Toon v Arsenal and Wolves v Man Utd games...  £2.53 @ 3.66

Tis been but a while...

It has been a while since I've updated, but rest assured that gambling has been taking place.

I've lost track of the win/lose amounts, but here is whats been on...

Sunderland v Newcastle (+2.5 goals) = loss
Man City v Leicester (City to win both halves) = loss
Leeds v Arsenal (+3.5 goals) = win
Wolves v Liverpool (+2.5 goals) = win
Villa v Man City (next goal, City) = loss
Blackburn v West Brom (+2.5 goals) = loss
Arsenal v Ipswich (+3.5 goals) = loss
Birmingham v West Ham (+2.5 goals) = win
Arsenal, City, Rangers (to win treble) = loss
Sunderland v Chelsea (+2.5 goals) = win
Man Utd v Aston Villa + Arsenal v Everton (+2.5 goals double) = win
Birmingham v Man City (+2.5 goals) = win
Fulham v Newcastle (+2.5 goals) = loss

Anyhow, at the end of it all I've got £25.06 sitting in the account.

Todays bet is on Sunderland to win away at Stoke - £2.06 goes on this at 3/1

** PS. It's great to see Mr. C back online at The Daily 20 - long may you prosper fella!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Back to winning ways?

Treble today, or rather for the weekend, in three separate bets.  If this doesn't pay off, then it'll be back to one bet at a time.

I've taken +2.5 goals in the following games: Stoke v Bolton, Wigan v Fulham and Hull v Barnsley

Bets 11-13: -£6.00
Total profit/(loss): ?

Change of Direction

Well, that was disappointing.  I adopted a change of tactic, and it did not pay off.

Firstly, I thought that Sunderland and Newcastle would ease through in the FA Cup third round.  How wrong was I on this double, with Sunderland losing 2-1 at Stadium of Shite: -£2.55

So off I went to my mates to watch the Toon game - cleverly putting a punt on half-time/full-time to be in Newcastle's favour.  Nope: -£2.00

And finally, I tried a +2.5 goals double on Blackpool v Liverpool and Ipswich v Arsenal.  That would be the same manager-less Ipswich who got thrashed 7-0 by Chelski.  Blackpool did the biz, but Arsenal lost 1-0: -£2.00

Bet's 8-10: -£6.55
Total profit/(loss): +£6.00

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Win Yet!

Literally, as Leon best scores a hat-trick as the mighty Toon cruise to a 5-0 win, 3-0 up by half time, easily winning me a few bob on my +2.5 goals bet.

Total profit/(loss): +£12.55

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 out of 6 ain't bad!

Another win, as Fulham are currently beating West Brom 3-0, after a tip from Mr. F, regarding goals per game.  To be honest all three matches tonight were tempting, but this had the best odds.

Profit from bet 6: +£2.56
Total profit/(loss):  +£9.74

Edit: As it happens of all tonight's football, in the main English Leagues and Scottish Cup had +2.5 goals... now that would have been good odds!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Onwards and upwards...

Working on a Bank Hol always sucks, so to make things a little more bearable I stuck a few bob on the Championship game between the ex-premier league duo Pompey v Hull on +2.5 goals.  And what a corker, as Hull took a 3-2 win.  This took me to £24.05 pot.

I've now got the missus to pick who'd have the most 180's in the Arrows final between Lewis and Anderson.  She backed 'England', and Lewis did not disappoint with a 9-darter early on.  I only put on £2.05, and when Lewis took a big enough lead, hedged it to guarantee either £3.18 or 'no loss'...

Profit from bet 4 & 5 :  +£5.18
Total profit/)loss):  +£7.18

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Only 1-0???

Todays bet (not that there is going to be a daily bet this time round mind you!) was on the Wigan v Toon game to have more than 2.5 goals.  £2.00 went on this at 2.38

Shola Am-a-donkey, should have scored within the first 2 minutes, heading the easiest of chances wide.  Donk then scored in the 19th minute as a Barton shot was saved by the Lactics 'keeper, prodded against the post by Lovenkrands, and then poked in.

The game should then have been about 3-1 by half time, and probably 6-1 by full time, as the crossbar denied Col and Taylor, and Best did his best not to score.

Anyhow, I'd happily lose £2.00 every week if the toon get 3 points.

Loss from bet 3:  -£2.00

Total profit/(loss):  +£2.00

The beginning of the end?

Yesterday saw 2011 start in spectacular fashion, with a fantastic firework display on the telly, and seeing in the new year with friends and loved ones.

It also heralded the day the missus said "yeah ok" to me starting betting again... from a £20.00 starting pot.

The first £2.00 went on +2.5 goals in the Sunderland v Blackburn game - bing!  Return of £2.01, the second bet was on the Brum v Arsenal, of which I put on the £2.01 win from the first bet - bing again!  Return of £1.99

Profit from bets 1 and 2: +£4.00
Total Profit/(Loss):  +£4.00