Monday, June 28, 2010

Back again!

Those silly chaps at Betfair sent me an e-mail on Friday letting me have a £5 no-lose bet, offering to refund me if it didn't win.  After almost 2 months off the gambling, I thought "why not" so logged in to put in a tenner.  If I didn't win, I'd be swiftly taking the dosh back out, no harm done.

Much to my surprise however, Betfair had given me $10 in May - for what, I have no idea.  This left £6.82 in my account.

I put my fiver no-risk bet on +2.5 goals in the Germany v England encounter, and returned about £8.something, taking me up to £14.99 - cashing in a tenner straight away!

The remaining £4.99 went on the Argies v Mexico for +3.5 goals, again coming off leaving me with a healthy £18.97

And so once again The Incremental resumes!

Todays sillieness is on the Mens event at Wimbledon, where Britains No. 1 Andy Muzza takes on Incremental fave, Sam Querrey.  The odds on the match is rubbish, however I'm taking Muzza to edge ahead on the Aces count.

£2.00 goes on this @ 1.91

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