Monday, January 3, 2011

Onwards and upwards...

Working on a Bank Hol always sucks, so to make things a little more bearable I stuck a few bob on the Championship game between the ex-premier league duo Pompey v Hull on +2.5 goals.  And what a corker, as Hull took a 3-2 win.  This took me to £24.05 pot.

I've now got the missus to pick who'd have the most 180's in the Arrows final between Lewis and Anderson.  She backed 'England', and Lewis did not disappoint with a 9-darter early on.  I only put on £2.05, and when Lewis took a big enough lead, hedged it to guarantee either £3.18 or 'no loss'...

Profit from bet 4 & 5 :  +£5.18
Total profit/)loss):  +£7.18

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