Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Early goals spoil the fun...

Trying to put on moments after kick-off for the championship matches began, and we were on to a loser.  The idea was to put on 'draw or win' for the top three championship teams, all playing away.  The odds were coming in at just under 2/1.

However, while entering the selections (B365's in-play system is awful, by the way), QPR scored.  I adjusted that bet to "win only" to keep similar odds, then Norwich scored.  Same again, I adjusted to "win only" to keep the odds, and finally got the bet on... also putting on the wrong amount (£7.28 instead of £7.82).

Anyhow, Norwich then let us down by only drawing.

29. QPR/Norwich to win + Cardiff to win or draw = £7.28 @ 2/1 (£70.96)

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