Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bets 2 & 3

Ok, so a few days have now passed since me and Charlotte restarted this, and thats probably a good thing.  Too often in the past I've chased loads of bets in a day, putting on silly teams just cos it's in play and lost.  This time round I feel a little more calm, and with Charlottes help, a little more patient.

As such, Charlotte picked Saturdays game on Friday. That was Ipswich v Charlton.  Again, the aim was to go over 0.5 goals, which I didn't remember until about 20 mins in.  In the end, the goal was scored in the 94th minute so we got lucky,  but in this game any win is a win.

Bet 02: £11.82 @ 1/5 - returned £14.19

Our third bet, Charlotte wanted Newcastle which again I got at good odds on the over 0.5 goals, but the downside here is it was scored by Burnley.

Bet 03: £14.19 @ 1/5 - returned £17.03

In other news, the BTTS on Sat didn't quite go to plan, 9 out of the 10 sides scored, so we've tried again tonight but on 3 games, so only odds of around 6/1. Charlotte picked again.  Wish us luck!

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