Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bet # 7 & Bet # 7A

Okay, things aren't going too well at present.  Tranmere were unlucky to get beaten, having their keeper sent off and the subsequent penalty being the difference between the two sides.

Loss from Bet # 6 : -£1.76

On to today, and things weren't much better - my initial decision was to take Berdych to beat Cilic in the Shaghai Tennis, but then I got swayed by the 4/9 for Cilic so opted for him instead, adding Troicki to beat Monaco for added value at 1/2.

Cilic was 4-2 ahead in the final set when he then proceeded to throw it away - odds in play were 1/50 for him to win!  Troicki, as expected, went on and won.

Loss from Bet # 7 : -£1.58

Now on to the bet 7A - our friendly rivals over at the Daily Tenner and Daily £20 have gone for opposites in tonights Coca Cola League One - D10 going Brighton at 5/4, and D20 going for Gillingham at 11/5

I'm hoping neither come out on top as I've joined the banter debate by going for the draw at 23/10.

Bring on a boring 0-0 draw!!!

Starting Pot £14.25
10% Bet £1.43 @23/10
Potential Profit £3.29
Total Balance £12.82

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