Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bet # 8

All day training again tomorrow means I won't get to make a decent selection for the incremental.  The 7A selection went in favour of the D10, so again I lose - not very good so far, with only 2 wins out of 8!  Probably 2 out of 9 after tomorrows selections...

England should bounce back against Belarus @ 1/7, but have key players out.  Even so, they 'should' win, to get the nation back on a high after Saturdays disappointment.

Sweden need a win against Albania, and Portugal to not win against Malta.  While I can't see Portugal losing this one, Sweden should do the business at 1/5

Croatia have to win against Kazakhstan, and hope the Ukraine slip up away to Andorra.  Croatia to win is 1/3

The Swiss need to not lose against Israel at 1/7 for the win/draw to qualify.

Add in Wales to not get beat away to Lichtenstein @ 1/9, Denmark to beat Hungary @ 8/15, Brazil to bounce back against Venezuala @ 1/5 and Italy to beat Cyprus @ 1/4 and we have odds of 4.34/1

Throwing more money away is what this is called...  Fook it!

Starting Pot £12.82
10% Bet £1.28 @ 4.34/1
Potential Profit £5.56
Total Balance £11.54

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