Friday, November 20, 2009

Bet # 61

Scott Waites threw the best 3 games of his life to come from 9-7 down, to beat Gary Anderson 10-9 in the final second round match of the night.  Earlier, Simon Whitlock won 10-1 to make this bet 50% of the way there.

I also stuck a cheeky 41p (don't ask why) on Darin Young at 16/1 on who very nearly pulled it back to win against Robert Thornton, but alas didn't.

Bet # 60 : -£3.17
Bet # 60b : -£0.41
Total P&L : +£28.14

Bet # 61 will be on the footy tomorrow.  Birmingham to beat Fulham = £2.81 @ 6/4

1 comment:

  1. Absolute shocker! I didn't see it last night but thought Anderson would cruise through! No more darts bets, it's too tough to call!