Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Every Little Helps

Mr. C, back in business over at the Daily 20, has today gone for Phil 'The Power' Taylor to beat Barrie Bates by more than 6.5 legs - getting good odds of 8/11.

I decided to go for leg betting, and stuck £2.00 on The Power to win leg 1.  I should have only got 1.23, but amazingly got 1.61.  Anyhow, he did it, and boosts my pot up a little to £16.82

I've also then went and stuck £2.00 on local hero, Paul Nicholson to beat Steve Beaton -2.5 legs... Probably going to be a silly bet, but what the hey...

Current Balance: £14.82
In Play: £2.00 @ 2.10

* I actually laid the Nicholson bet, which meant 0 risk.  Just as well as he got hammered 10-3!

Current Balance: £16.82

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