Thursday, July 22, 2010

Powering on...

Another good night for The Incremental, but more importantly it's nice to see the D20 stop the rot with a nice 5/4 win!

Tonights bet was on Phil Taylor to beat Steve Beaton with a handicap of -7.5

Did it come off?  You bet it did, as The Power creamed his opponent 13-4 - one legs more than required.  £2.00 at odds of 1.86 returned a nice £1.63

Slowly but surely, this pot is creeping up...

Current Balance: +£19.37


  1. What happened to odds of evens or better only???

  2. Unfortunately there were just no good odds for this match. I did look at +10.5 180's (there were 12 so it was close), but even that was below evens...