Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bet # 20-22

Been a busy boy today, ripping out and partially fitting a new bathroom.  Due to this, I haven't had much time to bet.

I lost £5.00 on the Hamilton v Rangers game.  It was 3-3 last week, yet today was just shite!  Rangers took the lead in the 77th minute, but it was too late for me to recuperate anything, having backed at 3.0

I then tried my luck in one of the Prem games that The Syndicate never backed.  Wolves v Wigan.  The late first goal meant that I was never going to make a fortune so I hedged to cover any losses and broke even as the game ended 2-0

Finally (for this post) I took +2.5 in the Everton v Man City game, staking my entire £14.45 pot on +2.5 goals @ 2.08, laying at 1.32 when Saha slotted in the second.  I stand to break even, or make £10.68 if another goal is scored.

* Additional - I've put £5.00 on +2.5 in Egypt v Mozambique @ 2.40, and will lay as soon as the fist goal goes in.  I'm also tempted to take Real Madrid away at Athletico Bilbao, but will await better odds than 1.83.  £5.00 will go on that @ 2.00 or greater.

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