Monday, January 11, 2010

Bet # 8 - It's another +2.5er

The 2008 African Cup of Nations produced 99 goals, and already the 2010 tournament is looking promising for many more.  That's an approximate of about 3.09 per game!

In last nights opener, Angola were 4-0 up against Mali with 11 minutes to go, and the match ended 4-4.  For this reason, I can see a lot of wins for the +2.5 goals market.

Today I've picked for +2.5 in the Malawi v Algeria game which kicks off at 13:45.  With odds of 2.48, this looks like good return for my £2.00 stake.

* In-play at 17 minutes (Malawi having just taken the lead) played and the hedge looks like this
-2.5 goals = +£1.16
+2.5 goals = +£0.48

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