Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can't lose!

I've hedged in the Leicester v Ipswich game, by putting another bet on (£2.00 on less than 2.5 goals @ 3.00) I cannot lose in either outcome.

With the current score 1-0 to Ipswich, if more than 2.5 goals are scored in the game, I get £0.16, less than 2.5 I get £2.00.

Yes, this is only pennies, but I'm going to have to get used to in-play hedging as I want to keep on taking the "no-lose" stance to build up the pot :)

* Half-time edit - The score is now 1-1 at half time so I'm going to again hedge, and put on +2.5 goals again.  This way, under 2.5 goals, I break even (lose nothing) and if it is more, which I think it will be, I will win (depending on odds at time of bet).

** took it @ 1.32, so it's win nothing or £0.80 = zero risk...  I like it!

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