Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to the drawing board... Bet # 01

Suffice to say, with a bad run, I got really pissed off and stupidly bet the remaining pot (only £6 or so) on a +2.5 goals match in the French La Liga or whatever.

Anyhow, it's only down the bookies dosh, as I'm back to the original stake - starting pot of £20.00

I was also (yet again) getting carried away with multiple bets, different markets, etc...

Back to the drawing board, I must remember my original 'rules'.
1.  Backing games of over evens
2.  Sticking to things I know about, or am going to watch
3.  Sticking to 10% of my total pot - none of this "whacking it all on" malarky.
4.  Staying at only 1 bet per time - none of this multi event betting at the same time.

With all that in mind, I have decided to back +2.5 goals in the FC Copenhagen v Chelsea encounter tonight, live on Sky Sports HD2.

£2.00 goes on this @ 2.44

Balance: +£18.00

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