Thursday, February 10, 2011

Never knowing when to quit...

Up to £37.89, I then stupidly backed some teams in the Argentina B Division or something.  What a waste of time 0-0 being the final result.

Anyhow, as twitter followers will have seen, I backed the Denmark v England game to be +2.5 goals.  After 9 mins it was 1-1, Bent bringing us back from a goal down.  Young came off the bench to score the third and final goal of the game.  £2.00 went on this at 2.2 - bringing home profit of £2.28

I've then decided to put another £2.00 on Venezuela v Costa Rica.  Both teams have been scoring in their last few games, and after 24 mins this is 1-1.  I got odds of 2.22, which if there is a goal in the second half, will take me above £40.00 for the first time...  Fingers crossed!

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