Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Luck of the Irish...

Well after the goal-fest on Saturday, you were pretty much guaranteed a slow, boring Sunday of Premier League action.  Brum beating West Ham by only 1 goal.  Down the pan went that showing.

So following DJ_Corndawg at The Daily 20 and with the big up from Dr. Dags, I also took the Green Bay Packers to beat the Pittsburg Steelers by over 3.5 points in the NFL's 45th Superbowl.  Unlike Mr. C, I was able to get better odds, coming in at 2.26, so £2.00 went on this.

They did, winning 31-25 and bringing home to Daddy +£2.39

I wasn't going to put a bet on today, but the Rep. of Ireland v Wales was on Sky Sports, so I stuck a few bob on it being +2.5 goals @ 2.36.  It was a boring first half, but they came good in the second, with goals from Gibson, Duff and Fahey (in what Sky called a 'Romping Victory') to the tune of +£2.58

Starting pot: £20.00
Profit: +£17.89
Total: £37.89

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