Saturday, February 5, 2011

Get in there!

Now, in my earlier post I said I was backing Sunderland - who have just lost 3-2.  But I'm still happy.  Why?

Easy - backed at 4.1 with £2.06, then laid seconds before Stokes first equaliser, and put on again at 4.3, and laid again after Gyans goal.  I then decided that £9.45 profit for Sunlun to win would be nice, but wasn't convinced they'd hold out against Stokes set pieces, so hedged this bet to win over £5+ on any outcome.

Confirmed profit of +£5.47

My second bet of the day is +2.5 goals in the Toon v Arsenal and Wolves v Man Utd games...  £2.53 @ 3.66

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