Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jeepers Jenkers!

Mr. C had a side tip for followers to take Mr. Terry 'The Bull' Jenkins to get the most 180's in the first week of the 2011 Premier League darts.

At 14/1 this was out of my 'normal' remit, so with the 'Old Man' watching on Sky Sports HD1, I took Jenkins to get more than Barney in the match.  £2.05 @ 2.18

Jenkers did it with ease, coming back from 6-4 down, to win the match 8-6, picking up five 180's to Barney's three.

Profit/loss: +£2.30
Total pot: £42.79

Next bets: £2.28

*Edit - I've got Phil 'The Power' Taylor to get +3.5 180's versus Adrian Lewis in the next match of the evening.  £2.28 @ 2.2

**Edit Edit - 'The Power' needed Flu Power, as he only picked up two 180's, getting hammered by Lewis 8-2.  He really was off his game tonight :(

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